A Brand New Kind of Love

Love is a positive energy that binds us together and creates powerful and long lasting relationships. The strongest loves are based on the ability to give and to receive, where everybody contributes to the health of the relationship. Businesses are learning that Brand Love today is not that different to human love – both thriving on the continuous flow of giving and receiving to keep the love alive. This is the shift.
This kind of Brand Love is changing the communication landscape, ushering in a new era, of sharing, of community, of collaboration and collective action. It is blurring the lines between businesses and consumers and for those that embrace it, there is much love to be shared. Perhaps seemingly at odds with the traditional corporate paradigm, this new kind of Brand Love is uninhibited and unabashed. And so we embark on a mission to better understand what this Brand Love means for the future of corporate brands.

LATEST Instagram Images tagged with #love

Sharing the Love

Hashtags are the new nomenclature of daily life, and #love is in full force, boasting over 370 million posts just last year.

The 3 Foundations
of Brand Love

I. The Personal

II. The Dynamic

III. The Collective Power

I. The Personal

Holding back on Love is no longer an option

More than transparency, this is about connecting on a more personal level, at every level. Building Brand Love is something we do together, with others; gone are the days of brand building being a corporate endeavour assigned to a finite group of people.
This means more opportunities for more people to love your brand
You’ll have to open up and show your softer side to let people in

Forget the corporate façade

We're all human. Show it.

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PayPal is a great example of a corporate brand cultivating some big Brand Love. Recruiting top Instagrammers from around the world, PayPal invited each to take over their Instagram account, giving the company access to over a million of the bloggers' loyal following.
The brief was simple: to diary #paypalit experiences. Not only was this brilliant at showing what you can get when you #paypalit, it showed the global reach of the organisation and made this seemingly mundane online payment system a more personal, relevant, appealing service.
The Personal puts you and your fans on equal footing. Sigur Rós is an Icelandic band engaging fans to hashtag #stormur for their Instagram videos to become part of an online music video

II. The Dynamic

To fully love, you have to fully live

The Dynamic nature of Brand Love is threefold. First, it's about knowing yourself; that's the only way you can seize opportunities in an authentic way. Second, it's appreciating that you only exist in relation to others; how you associate with, relate to and impact the wider world defines who you are. Thirdly, it’s about living in the moment, every moment, constantly being present – an ever important aspect not to be underestimated in today's always-on culture.

Moments of love

Being dynamic recognises that lots is happening at any given time, which means anything and everything becomes a brand expression. Brands have limitless opportunities to create moments for people to share and remember. It isn't a coincidence that 57% of Superbowl ads had hashtags, and 75% of these had no explicit brand mentions whatsoever. What these brands know is their brand is more than the name. It's about evoking a feeling – a smile, a laugh. That's what people love.

A Tweet Supreme

Speaking of the Superbowl, how could we not mention last year's all-star game tweet – almost immediately retweeted by nearly 15,000 with more than 20,000 likes on Facebook.

III. The Collective Power

At its greatest, Brand Love is a rallying cry for positive change.

Brands have always possessed a sort of magnetism, but today with the likes of social media that pull-force can unite people like never before. Brand Love has the potential to not only challenge but also transform our social, cultural and political norms. Harness that power and you become a movement or valuable commodity that matters.


Not everyone loves what you stand for – But those that do, love you a lot

Sometimes love is too much to handle

The legacy of Flappy Bird shows what happens when Brand Love goes too far.

The short life and death of this infamously difficult side-scrolling mobile game was earning $50,000 a day through in-game advertising, but pressure and abuse from overzealous fans via social media forced the creator, Dong Nguyen, to remove the game from the App Store.

Starting the love

Think more like a person and less like a business

  • 1. Do you stand for something – what do you want to share with people?
  • 2. Is your identity true to who you are – authentic and attractive?
  • 3. How are you sharing your love with others that matter to you?
  • 4. How often do you let people share their love with you?
  • 5. And would you know how?

Loved it!

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